About Me

I’m currently leading a team of UX designers, researchers, and accessibility specialists designing VA.gov with Ad Hoc. I’m based in Northern California and have extensive experience in touch & mobile design as well as web and software. 

I have a Master’s degree from the School of Information at the University of Californa, Berkeley, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (with a Sociology minor) from Oberlin College.

When I’m not designing, I’m knitting, hiking, sailing, playing music, reading, and baking.

What I Do

My skills cover leadership/management and design operations as well as a depth of experience in hands-on user research, interaction design & prototyping

User Research & Testing

I plan and conduct a variety of user research methods, including surveys, interviews, diary studies, contextual observation, and card sorts.

While I usually create a presentation for clients, I also design and execute many other deliverable types to optimally convey users' goals and needs. These deliverables include user profiles, experience maps, flow diagrams, and any other useful artifact.

  • Presentations


    Research Deliverables

  • Flow Charts

    Flow Charts

    Research Deliverables

  • User Profiles / Personas

    User Profiles / Personas

    Research Deliverables

  • Experience Maps

    Experience Maps

    Research Deliverables

  • Expert Review / Heuristic Analysis

    Expert Review / Heuristic Analysis

    Interaction Design

  • Sketching


    Interaction Design

  • Wireframing


    Interaction Design

  • Prototyping


    Interaction Design

Interaction Design

My interaction design process typically begins with many possible directions, iterations and rounds of client feedback. I start with high-concept, low-fidelity sketches and move on to high-fidelity wireframes.

I create simple prototypes with hotspots or more complex prototypes in HTML/CSS/jQuery depending on my clients' time and budget

Recent Work

Check out some of my recent work below

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    Web & Software

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