Hi there, I’m Shawna

picture of Shawna wearing a beanie standing in front of the red rocks in Utah

I’m a Design leader with over 15 years of experience in tech. I worked as an engineer in a past life, then went to grad school at the UC Berkeley School of Information and switched to UX. Since then I’ve spent 13 years in the UX world, and I have a depth of knowledge in user research, design, accessibility, and code.

I currently work in civic tech as VP of Design for Code for America.

My focus areas include

Other skills I’m proud of

  • Pushing for larger systems-level changes instead of one off quick fixes
  • Starting with small wins and discovery sprints to build momentum
  • Organizing initiatives into Now/Next/Later and helping my direct reports prioritize their work
  • Summarizing next steps post-meetings
  • Recalling and finding old slack posts incredibly quickly
  • Working as a lab assistant to my 7 year-old son