UN Humanitatrian Data Sharing Website

UN Humanitatrian Data Sharing Website

The Challenge

OCHA (The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) is a branch of the United Nations that deals with data as it relates to International crises. OCHA hired me to help them with user research and design for their “HDX” project – the Humanitarian Data Exchange. They wanted me to help find out what the needs were for people in the field and how best to help them share data

What I Did

I started out by interviewing key stakeholders and developing a research plan. I then conducted 1:1 Interviews with 15 participants in the field all around the world. I covered the following topics: their current behaviors around Uploading, Sharing, and Finding Data; Data Quality; Data Security; Finding & Evaluating Data, and requests for the CKAN repository.

After conducting research, I presented the team with my findings and we worked together to come up with designs that addressed user needs as well as worked on their chosen platform, CKAN.

The Results

An initial data exchange website. After we were done, OCHA received more funding and was able to hire Frog Design. I worked with them on a handoff.