Semiconductor iPad App Research Study

Semiconductor iPad App Research Study

The Challenge

The client came to us with an idea – they wanted to create an iPad app to make their sales reps’ lives easier. As it stood, the reps were sketching out pictures of circuit boards on napkins and whiteboards in order to communicate with their customers. They then had to enter these diagrams into Salesforce and other apps. The client thought an iPad app might make their lives easier. They asked us to do some research to determine whether or not this was the case, and if so, what features should be included in the app.

What I Did

I stepped back with the client and explained that we weren’t going to be asking their reps about an iPad app. What we were going to do was conduct some user research to determine what the reps’ sales process was like, how they interacted with circuit diagrams, and what their key pain points were. We then could determine what the best solutions would be for these pain points.

I created a research plan, which included an initial survey, plans for a ride-along with sales reps, and then finally 1:1 interviews with the sales reps as well as their managers and other staff they worked with on a daily basis. We then conducted this research over the course of 3 weeks.

We presented our findings along with an Experience Map of the Sales Reps’ process and how they interacted with the diagrams along the way.

The Results

Our work was well-received and the client had a much better understanding of the sales reps wants and needs. It turned out an iPad app would be a great help to the reps, as long as it had off-line access. We also put together a list of key features that the app would need to have.