Qualcomm Native Smartphone App Design & Testing

Qualcomm Native Smartphone App Design & Testing

The Challenge

At the time Qualcomm came to us (at EchoUser), they were developing a new Smartphone platform with all-new native applications. They wanted us to help them design, initially, four new native applications for their platform, as well as think through their current design paradigms & specifications.

What I Did

As this was mostly a straight-up design project (Qualcomm had already done extensive user research), this project involved looking over their research, familiarizing ourselves with their target user, and then designing applications that made the most sense. During the middle of our design project, we decided we needed more user feedback so we did a quick and dirty usability test of particular functionality within our design.

After our research and design process, we wrote up extensive design documentation and specifications using the components that had already been designed for Qualcomm’s other native applications, as well as creating our new custom components.

Since Qualcomm was developing an entirely new mobile platform, we got a chance to research existing mobile platforms like iPhone and Android, and create new interaction paradigms that combined the best aspects of each platform. Qualcomm wanted “the fun of the iPhone with the practicality of the Android,” and we took this line seriously when creating our designs.

The Results

Over the course of 12 weeks, we developed user flows and detailed design specifications for all four applications. We also delivered a usability report detailing our findings.