Life Technologies Eyetracking Study

Life Technologies Eyetracking Study

The Challenge

Life Technologies deals with thousands of medical supplies and equipment that suppliers need to understand in great detail to make sure they are purchasing the right items. Life Technologies’ search tools need to be bullet-proof. They were about to launch a live version of their search and wanted to make sure through user testing that the new search paradigm worked with users.

What I Did

I utilized eyetracking and multiple iterative rounds of testing to determine and improve how users paid attention to information in the search model and results pages. Discoverability and overall usability were greatly enhanced through the cycles of testing and redesign.

After the research was presented, the researcher and I had a few brainstorming & sketching workshops, which resulted in wireframes depicting several recommended flows.

The Results

Life Technologies implemented a final version of their site that was significantly optimized through eyetracking and iterative testing. Evolving the design allowed a much more successful search paradigm to be created, which is now live and successfully helping users find and purchase the right medical equipment.