Heavy Machinery User Research & iPhone App

Heavy Machinery User Research & iPhone App

The Challenge

Sunbelt wanted to create an iPhone App for their clients, but they weren’t sure which features would be most useful. They hired EchoUser to do contextual user research and propose some ideas.

What I Did

Our dedicated researcher first conducted interviews with Sunbelt sales reps to understand the rental process and mobile needs from their perspective. This process was followed by on-site contextual observation at 3 key locations. The researcher created a presentation and 3 personas from this research.

After the research was presented, the researcher and I had a few brainstorming & sketching workshops, which resulted in wireframes depicting several recommended flows.

The Results

We helped Sunbelt get a better grasp of which of the people on a construction site would be most likely to use an iPhone app, and what needs they might be able to address. We also provided them with several wireframes to get them started with their full design process.