Cisco Switch Setup Usability Study

Cisco Switch Setup Usability Study

The Challenge

A team at Cisco wanted to make sure their setup process & their documentation was usable and easy to understand. The goals of the study were to identify and prioritize usability issues for setting up the switch and documentation, and to provide recommendations and solutions to fix or improve the user experience in future versions.

What I Did

I ran 8 participants through the standard setup process for the Switch, starting with unboxing. I had them preform certain tasks including reviewing the documentation, powering up the switch, powering other devices (in this case, phones) using the switch, and several others.

I recorded the process and measured several metrics, including time, actual and expected usability (using Magnitude Estimation Testing), errors, and assists.

The Results

I presented the results to the team, along with recommendations. These results helped the team improve their documentation & setup process.